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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

6 The idea of Beautiful Petite and affordable Homes

Lately there is an increasing trend of making the apartment as a place to live. This alternative was chosen because the price of land and homes are increasingly expensive in the big city. But not everybody likes to live in the apartment. Why not build a tiny House just to save cost? Here's some tiny house design could be Your reference materials.

1. energy efficient Home

This is a minimalist modern home berfasad. Wooden paneling covering the exterior of the House serves as a heat insulation to conserve energy.

Interior: open-plan living

In the House, this opens up a new world. The kitchen is on the other side of the living room. There is a small loft that serves as an accessible bedroom with wooden stairs in the living room. This room had a small window and a couch that was put in front of him. The yellow Chair complements the warmth of the room is dominated by wood.

2. Asian style

The first example is a tiny house built based on oriental architecture. The roof of the House is wide and high, while construction combines the elements of wood and black and white contrasts.

There are many Windows and glass doors that served as the entrance to the rays of the Sun, also in order for outside views can be enjoyed from inside the House.  

Like the look of the outside of the House, the bathroom showing simple and airy accent. The bathroom walls facing the outside is entirely made of glass, a selection of interesting. The mirror has a linear shape that complements the walls of glass. A view outside the bathroom was already pretty impressive, so no need to have extra decorations on the inside. 

3. Wooden House on wheels

The House is very small, the cost of any construction. If you do not like the views of the outdoors, home on wheels this can You move to where you like. Despite the cutesy, this home has everything it takes a family. 

Interior: kitchen complete

This tiny house kitchen designed a simple, yet functional. In addition to having the device complete kitchen, roomy storage needs are also met. There is a shelf on top and a closed area under the sink. A mini kitchen is adorable! 

4. Contemporary architecture

Contemporary designed home over the extent of only 50 square meters. It consists of two floors and dominated the color burgundy wine on the exterior. With sloping roofs and walls of glass, architectural home windowing teeny is very interesting.

Interior: wood-All-round

The Interior of the House is simple and entirely made of natural wood. The simplicity of this room there is little use in accentuating the furniture sofas and armchairs the color black.

5. Kontras5. Contrast

This home use gable which contrasts with the white walls. Small garden in front of the House provides a touch different.

Interior: elegantly

The use of neutral colors make this room look spacious. Shades of soft colours and flowers in paintings add to the elegance of the surrounding atmosphere.

6. Beautiful black and white

Home-like feel of the colorful black-painted House, also quite often we meet. Classic impressions seemed prominent because there is a touch of white on the roof, window sills and door color white. The wood-floored terrace make this home a natural look.

Interior: more spacious without divider

This black and white home interior color white dominated on all lines. The goal of course so that the House looks wider than the actual circumstances. The couch pillow blue and yellow being the center of attention in this room, it looks tempting to occupied.

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