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Thursday, June 1, 2017

New Simple Home Design Minimalist Ideas

The current model of minimalist House is becoming a trend and many applied. The application of the concept of minimalist house much done to suppress home prices in order to reach out to the middle to the lower circles.
Petite, Minimalist Home Interior Design
Basically, build minimalist House will be cheaper. The vast building that is not too big to make the demand for land is not too large, and also in the construction does not require much building material because of the vastness that is not too large.

Minimalist house identical to the extent that is not too large. This will be difficult enough when you want to want to set up the layout of the interior space and put in a room so the room in question does not look cramped.

The living room is one room in the House. In the selection of interior for a minimalist living room, try to choose that is not too large. For example in the choice of interior, choose interior must adjust to a room, not to choose the chairs and tables that are too large because it will make the room look cramped.

For the decoration should not, even just an ornament hanging paintings or use wallpaper on the walls of the living room is enough to make the living room look more beautiful.

  • Bedroom house mimalist

The bedroom is a space that is most vital, and must be present in the House. Minimalist house usually has only narrow room. Remember the bedroom need a mattress for the bed, you get to choose the mattress sizes are not too large.

Sets the living room while the family room
Many are confused as to how to organize your family and living room to make it look pretty. Actually, how to make the room look beautiful is very easy. The function of the ruan family room and guests are almost the same, but different just anyone who was in the room, family or guests.

Surely that you need most is the selection of furniture. In General, the most important must be seating and tables. The most common is with a couch that faced with a table in the middle. Then to decorate to look prettier, put a table decoration like a flower in the bass or the like.

The selection of furniture also may not be wrong, surely must have noticed from the spacious room and do not buy a wider magnitude of furniture from the living room and your family so that the furniture can be used.

Although just a minimalist room, you can beautify the room with little decoration. For example, by putting a rug, put wall hangings, or putting up wallpaper. Some of the things that can beautify Your minimalist room without sacrificing the room that becomes narrower. In contrast to you put ornament statue that beautify but to make the space more narrow.

You can put a TV in this room. If at night of the day, the TV will be very useful while gathered with family, could add to the harmony got together with watching a movie together.

For problems decorating, it's good to you put a table with drawer and put some decorations on the table. In addition to being a decoration, the table can also be a place to put stuff that are unused so it doesn't narrow down the room.
  • Bathrooms Minimalist House
The importance of the bathroom is just as important as the bedroom. This room must be present in the House for Your use minimalistic needs to shower and a place to dispose of urination.
  • Kitchen minimalist house
The kitchen becomes the second most visited apart from the bedroom. Typically, in the kitchen where you put food, cooking, and put the refrigerator, do not be surprised if the kitchen is always worth a visit.

In the minimalist kitchen, you can hang a kitchen appliance that can be hanged. In addition to making kitchen tools not indestructible, it also makes the kitchen look more tenuous.

In the selection of a drawer or cupboard in the kitchen, choose drawer, hung at the bottom can be used to put a table.

Minimalist House is basically a simple House that has a space that is not too large. However, don't make the narrow room such as a barrier for you to design your interiors, for example only photos of minimalist interior design on top that looks pretty.

Minimalist houses are increasingly interested

Minimalist house exterior design is currently being sought after in many societies. This design even though it is small, but began to develop into an elegant design though it was built on land which is limited.

Minimalist house in General preferring the simplicity of the exterior and model his home, ideal for those who want to have their own homes but the budget is not too large.

Build a minimalist house equal to conserve land use. For example, if you have a 8 × 8 acres of land and build a House minimalist 6 × 6 above the ground, you still have a land with an area of 2 × 2 can be used for other needs, for example, to build a small garden for minimalist house exterior decoration in order to look more interesting to be seen.

In addition, the same minimalist house built by saving the cost of development. In terms of the materials used and the establishments pay labor burden is much cheaper compared to building the luxury hunia. Due to the extent of which is not too great, no need to make a lot of building materials and does not require much effort. The most expensive of everything is the purchase price of the land, the soil should you buy don't have to be big if you want to build a minimalist residence, tasted once expenditure will be lighter if building a House.

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