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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Search: Walls That Talk

Large wall art is not just for collectors anymore! When it comes to minimalistic decor - extra large wall art can be your best friend. Not only can it show off your personality, but it can take the place of 20 nick-nacks in a fraction of the space and decrease clutter in a room.

Large wall art is so popular in fact, many are DIY'ing their own! If you've got a crafty hand and really want to save money, framing wallpaper or creating your own wall piece out of recycled materials  are some cheap and fun ways to add your personality to a space. 

Check out these ideas below!

I would remove the table set up - keep a single vase of flowers if you like - but I understand this may have been taken before a dinner party occurred or more obviously for the magazine

The elegance and personality achieved in this space through the simplistic and minimal decor is absolutely perfect to me!

Above is another example of framed wallpaper - this is 'watercolor wallpaper' 

Heres a room for all you industrial decor lovers out there. I love this though, because the bear softens the room up

The room above has a little more nick-nacks than I would prefer, but I love the wall photo - its precious!

Check out the next post about how large mirrors can enhance your living space.


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