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Monday, February 25, 2013

Images Missing

Hi All!

Between moving and taking an unexpected emergency trip to Brazil to visit my husband's father who was in the hospital (he's doing great now!) we have not been able to update our blog about cozy minimalism. We just want you to know that we are getting back in the saddle, so to speak and will be updating here shortly. We recently discovered that many of our linked images are not showing up on the website - and we have been working to fix this issue. We hope to have this resolved shortly.

I do want to leave you with a bit of encouragement: During our travels it was easier to forget about realities and to move away from staying minimalistic. Especially when you're touring another country and (for me) you see all the vibrant fashion and because of time limitations and also (for both of us) because you're on 'vacation' you become accustomed to eating out everywhere.

This is the great thing about living minimalistic. It affords you to be able to do those things because it will put money in your savings account - more than you would have realized! However, beware of the trap you can easily fall into when you return home. We noticed we hadn't checked out of 'vacation mode' until almost a month after returning home! We pulled in the reins and tightened our boot straps immediately. Being minimalistic is a number of things, but most importantly it is a mindset that leads a way of life. Along the way, it helps you realize beautiful things - for me, the greatest discovery was an intense sense of freedom because I realized I did not have to live the way I was in order to survive and that I also didn't need to live the way I was to be happy!

Happy minimizing! :)

- M & R

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