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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Search: Minimal Living Room Ideas

As it turns out, the terms cozy and simple 99.9% of the time apply to bedrooms more than to any other room in the house. I guess the term cozy minimalism just hasn't translated on the living room front yet. I keep asking myself why this is so... surely many others out there feel as I do. I am surprised there aren't better pictures for reference...

Well.. Today I found a few gems. In most of the pictures there are still a few things I would remove. I know I said my style is more traditional decor, I do have a sweet spot for more contemporary things as well. And, on rare occasion love the extreme modern look.

There is this odd connection with "white walls", "white couches" and "minimalism". Its annoying me! Color makes all the difference in a space and white does not automatically mean its "minimalistic" or "clean."

For now though, this is what I found :)

Cover old couches with white throws, small but simple cozy space

Faux Firs add all the warmth!

So well designed...The colors give it coziness and life and the items still provide what a family would need in the living room.

Practical colorful space!

The rock brings a lot of warmth into this space. I would love to get cozy on that couch! One of my favorites.

Here we are with the whites and creams again... but I love the use of this space. Definitally my idea of cozy minimalism. Could have the same effect with warmer colors too :)

So happy to see a wall with COLOR! Loving this space. Small, personal but simple.

I promise it wont take so long to write next time - there is much to tell so see you soon!

We wish you a very Merry Chirstmas from our family to yours!

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