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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yard Remodeling Solution for Old House

Have old house such as this Williamsburg-style home in Indian Hill built in 1977? And you have a plan to make outdoors for relaxing area? Here example that maybe becomes your ideas to make outdoor space.
Problem: A deteriorating back patio and an unattractive metal frame that once held an awning. Also, deteriorating brick walls, badly positioned plant beds and a large, wind-damaged tree separating the main part of the patio from in-ground swimming pool.
patio design ideas yard remodeling solution

Solution: The creation of several entertaining areas, all in keeping with the home�s architecture and style. A new patio was installed using brown buff stamped concrete to mimic natural stone. The tree was removed, the brick walls were taken apart, plant beds were repositioned and full grown boxwood hedges were transplanted to open access between the patio and pool.
A solid roof pergola with columns on stacked stones was constructed with a tongue-and-groove stained and varnished lumber roof and ceiling fan. An outdoor stone fireplace was built under the pergola. Closer to the house, an arbor was created of heavy rough-sawn cedar for a place to relax, and a portion of the patio was left uncovered for full sun. Two trellises wrapped in clematis vines frame a walkway to the garage and provide shelter for a grill. A drip irrigation system was installed to water hanging baskets and pots, and sprinklers water the flower beds.
patio design outdoors yard remodeling solution
Plantings were selected to give a seasonal mix of color and texture with flowering shrubs and evergreens.
Materials: Azaleas, flowering crab apple tree, gold mound spirea, fothergilla and viburnums were planted for early spring color. Gold mound spirea, �Royal Burgundy� barberry, red Knockout roses and �Happy Return� daylilies for late spring and early summer color. Oakleaf hydrangea, purple coneflower, liriope, �Autumn Joy� sedum for mid and late summer. For fall color, the burning bush, fothergilla, oakleaf hydrangea and gold mound spirea. Also, dwarf blue spruce, gold thread false cypress, blue princess and china girl hollies along with the formality of the boxwood hedges. Decorative containers for annuals, astilbe perennials and �Angelina� sedum for ground cover.
Hardscape: Small stacked stones to hold the formal white round columns; the same stones were used for the outdoor fireplace; 1,700 square feet of ashlar slate pattern stamped concrete in a buff color and charcoal inlay; 2,200 square feet of hardwood bark mulch.
Clock time: Six weeks. Price tag: Approximately $100,000. Firm: Thornton Landscape in Warren County (513-683-8100) specializes in design/build landscaping, custom landscape design, business and neighborhood developments.

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