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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Urban Space Residential Architectural Concept

This residence project demonstrates how residential built form can produce high quality urban space while at the same time representing a clear intrinsic architectural concept.
This new residence plans provides 312 beds for undergraduate students of Brock University, along with lounges, study rooms, and a large dining room and kitchen that serves students from surrounding village of residences.
urban residential plans design inspiration
modern residential house design
modern urban longue glass wall design
The building presents its main face to the east, being directly on axis with the University entrance and Isaac Brock Circle. A pedestrian route through the building aligns with axia, connecting to the main dining hall. A new Village Square is created by the positioning of the relation to the other village residences.
Project Size 98,000 sq.ft. Project Budget $13 million. Designed by Teeple Architects in association with Architects Tillmann Ruth Mocellin

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