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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Wintless-The Green Villages: Friendly in Every Factors

Seems, this village had fulfill our factors when we choose to buy house, green house, eco-friendly building, and fantastic neighborhood or eco community concept.
Built by Living Villages, the site has friendly atmosphere, because the residents can enjoy a protected, shared space and children can play safely. The houses are built to the most modern of designs; they have a traditional feel that blends well with the local architecture. Each neighborhood has a variety of houses in styles and sizes to suit different household groups. So, it has friendly design.
eco green villages friendly housing design ideas
view of eco friendly housing residential architecture
green residential housing contemporary architecture eco community
contemporary modern green building architecture eco housing
green eco friendly residential view landscape architecture
house type eco community housing residential
Planted trees around the edges of the site, to give the houses protection and to shelter the wildlife habitat. There are also allotments for people who enjoy growing their own produce. So, it is beautiful green village, isn�t it?
More over, it is Eco-friendly building housing village. Producing and transporting building materials burns energy, so the site uses locally-sourced materials wherever possible. The site use timber from sustainable sources and reclaimed building materials such as bricks, slates and roof tiles.

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