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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Missouri Credit Union Building Office Design by PWA

The building was situated to provide multiple entry points and convenient drive-through access. The Missouri Credit Union building stand out from neighboring developments, respond to the needs of users and visitors and be energy efficient. Designed by Peckham & Wright Architects.
The impervious pavement was reduced, allowing storm water runoff to be channeled through a detention system in the form of two landscaped rain gardens that help filter contaminants and pollutants. Primarily native plants were used for landscape, with some non-native plants for late fall and winter color. Native plants have deeper root systems than nonnative plants, and therefore reduce the need for extensive irrigation or watering.
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The light-colored paving and building materials reduce the heat island effect by reflecting the heat of the sun. Full cutoff site lighting was used to reduce night sky light pollution and the development�s impact on nocturnal environments.
Many energy-efficient features were also incorporated into the design of the building. These include water conserving plumbing fixtures, which help to reduce the burden on municipal water and wastewater systems. A geothermal heating and cooling system was selected.
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To encourage the occupants to recycle, a convenient storage and collecting area for recyclable materials was incorporated into the design.
Construction materials and finishes were selected to maximize the amount of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content. Wherever possible, regionally available materials were used to reduce the impact on the environment resulting from transportation to the site.

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