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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Drive-In Apartment, Sleeping on bed with your car is not dream

A team of Berlin architects has designed the ultimate living space for you and your car, the drive in apartment.
The idea is simple; an elegant but heavy-duty lift (strong enough to hoist an armour-plated vehicle) lifts the limo directly to the loft-style apartment. It is parked in a kind of conservatory with only a large glass wall separating it from the living space.
flat apartment decoration for your car
The whole process of approaching the house, entering the apartment and parking the car takes two minutes. That is not only a time-saving device � think of the time and petrol expended in the search for a free parking space, but is also attractive to vulnerable VIPs. The most dangerous moment for a celebrity is when he or she disembarks, or when the windows are lowered. This risk is eliminated, say the car-loft designers, by an electronic system that allows you to open the lift door and take it to your floor without reaching out and pressing a button. You stay in your car until you reach your living room. More info at

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