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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stairway to Heaven Residence Plans

Every home owner wants to feel that there is something unique and magic about his or her home. The driving concept in the three storey Border Street residence is to connect the main floor entrance to the skylight in the roof through a pair of sculpturally articulated, contrasting staircases and a glass landing � drawing the eye, the soul and the body upwards.
The fluidity of the house is reinforced by opening the it to natural light, use of translucent walls and surfaces, and by deploying walls that move to hide mess or reconfigure living spaces to meet different needs.
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The inherent visual and tactile beauty of materials, wood, stone, steel and glass are musically deployed. What was once a darkly traditional, staid row house now breathes with life and light and motion. This home residence designed by Bortolotto Architects.

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