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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Room Border without Partition

Family Room (function)

You can make wall as focusing area. Wall in dark green painted as a focus. This dark green wall create protrude inside about 50 cm and wooden framed. In this area, you can put down table for TV, audio equipment, and decoration. Sofa ordered faces TV, so it makes sure that view directed to green wall. When we see green wall, illusion border created in our mind.

living room partiture interior design ideas
Dining Room (function)
Adjacent with family room, there is dining room. Between both of rooms, there is no partition. But one of wall at dining room painting with red color. Again, that red wall protrude inside. Look image below:

dining room interior design ideas inspiration

Working Room (function)
Adjacent with family room, there is working room. Don�t imagine that it is room formed, it only consists of light green wall with table and chair. Light green wall focus makes this area like separate with family room.

working room design inspiration
Little Partition
Not like common partition that commonly wide and high, this partition only 40 cm width. This partition not separate room physically, because our view not limited, but it created distance which separate dine activity and cooking activity.
dining room kitchen design inspiration

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