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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remodeling House Plans in Transformation of Intervention

The preexisting home for a young family of five was designed in 1982. However, with the passing of time, the family found that they required additional living spaces, They noted that yearly maintenance costs for the south and west faces of the existing woos clapboard siding was becoming prohibitive and that this question be dealt with. They also requested that the new family room have large expanses of glazing towards the valley views.
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Taking these requirements as a starting point, this architectural designing project also explores a researched intuition. This intuition is based in a belief that when intervening upon preexisting structures, the intentioned and precisely executed creation of a condition of ambiguity and seamlessness can precipitate unexpected dialogues. Such dialogues may occur upon the skin of architecture as well as between architecture and its inhabitants. We believe this condition might also be able to mediate between the lay public�s common preference for familiar and or traditional architectural form and the contradictory desire of many architects to respond to the complexity of the contemporary condition with variations on modernist form making.
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So for this house, the Intervention as a Seamless Disruption of the Familiar. Location: Bromont, Canada. Realization: Saia et Barbarese Architects. Co-designer: Hal Ingberg Architect.

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