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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Races to Become the Highest In the World

Taipei 101 Tower is still the highest skyline building in world. This building designed by C.Y. Lee & Partner Firm, stand since 2004, grab citation as the highest building from Petronas Twin Tower, Malaysian landmark since 1998.
Taipei 101 Tower has height 509 meters with 101 floor become symbol of Taiwan. But, soon there are buildings that will higher that Taipei 101 Tower. Four skylines will appear.

world tallest building taipei 101 tower

First, there is Tower of Russia at Moscow designed as national awakening epigraphy, has 648 meters height and 134 floors. This building designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merill Architects, and finish at 2010 (some people said it will finish at 2012).
Second is International Business Tower at Seoul, South Korea, which has 580 meters highness with 130 floors. Another skyline building in South Korea is Lotte World II, build in Busan city. Has 512 meters of height and 107 floors, and will finish at 2012.

comparison of world tallest building

But, the most waiting skyline in world is Al-Burj Dubai that will become top of the top skyline building. Al-Burj designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merill Architects, same firm that design Tower of Russia. Finishing process estimate completed at June 2009.
Until now, Al-Burj building highness is still mystery. There are lot of version mentioned that this skyline has 705 meters, 800 meters, until 950 meters. But the possible measure is 800 meters with 160 floors.
The funny story came up. The owners keep the building highness private because the owners afraid if there will another building that planned to compete Al-Burj. The height will announce at the end of last finishing.

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