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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Open Light House Plans on Sloping Terrain with Delicate Leaf Roof

Resting on piles, on a terrain with very poor bearing capability, house plans of the simple floor plan, small in size, and the large, curved roof cover play the leading role. The sloping terrain, located in a safe, private neighborhood, allowed architects some liberties in the design and to propose an open and light house.
Industrial-type inexpensive materials were used, without hiding their simplicity, thus achieving a harmonious and friendly ensemble. The natural quality of the house is visible from every angle, as it is in close contact with the natural environment outdoors.
light house plans sloping terrain design inspiration
tropical house plans design inspiration in sloping area
As customary in all of our projects, the roof constitutes the unifying element and, in this case, envelopes the house like a delicate leaf
Constructed area: 280 m2, property area: 1.900 m2, cost: US$ 145.000, location: Rancho Redondo, Costa Rica. Bruno Stagno, Pietro Stagno, architects . Miguel Cruz, structural engineer. Claudio Soto, electrical engineer. Arquitectura E Ingeniera S.A., construction firm.

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