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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oceanic Private Residence Plans in Kaua�i

The house plans for this private residence refers to its setting on the northwest prow of Kaua�i, an area prone to extremely strong hurricane winds and on the leading edge of a tectonic Pacific Ocean plate that has moved across a volcanic hotspot at a constant rate of 3.5 inches per year. Like two continents separated by a tectonic shift, an imaginary erosion creates two L-shaped forms: a main house and a guest house. The large room in the main house is based on the concept of stepping in section with increments of 3.5 inches (one year/one step). The roofs of the two stained-concrete structures are covered in photovoltaic solar panels, which reverse meter into the Kaua�i power grid. Volcanic stone found near the site was used to build the lap pool courtyard.
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By imagining a datum parallel to the horizon that has struck the concrete house as a way of carving views and organization, space flows through the house like water; the plan and section contain, drop, embank, and then release the space down the curvilinear path through the natural gardens and finally to the ocean.
CREDITS: Steven Holl Architects (design architect), Peter Vincent & Associates LLC (local architect), Guy Nordenson and Associates (engineer), Krekow-Jennings Inc ( general contractor)

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