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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nestle Down Lake Residence House Design

This house built near lake Junaluska, a 1920s summer rustic cabin and renovated as a vacation escape. This home plans design concept is a blend of Arts & Crafts with an English Country flavor, using materials that have regional precedent and appropriateness, shingle, stucco and stone. The structure is rich in details and accented with plenty of hand wrought iron work by Daniel Miller. Miller�s work punctuates both the fa�ade and interiors of the home, from a hanging lantern at the entrance to curled supports for the rain gutters to handrails in the stairways.
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To accommodate the limited size and steep slope of the property, Samsel  Architect divided the 4,300-square-foot residence into three levels. The home has a modest footprint, but it provides a lot of livable space. It presented both challenges and opportunities for the architect. It�s a tight site, architect had to build right up to the setback lines and work around existing trees, but you�re right up on the lake and those trees have become an amenity.
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The vertical orientation of the home also assures lots of ambient light, stellar water views from virtually every room and plenty of deck space to enjoy the scenery and observe the life of the community.
The surrounding landscape also faced with the task of creating continuity between the three levels of the house. So, a rich, earthy palette of reds, golds and greens chosen that would soothe the eye and complement the spectrum of woods in the furniture.

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