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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Multiculturalism Home Architectural

This home appearing is so inspiring. The perspective appearance is exotic unification between tropical building, furniture and arts objects from various cultures (multiculturalism). Really unique house design concept.
house design inspiration
As first phase, architects want to clarify unification between vernacular architecture and architecture which influence by Asia and Europe cultures. Architects adopt Chinese dweller concept, consist of main gate, high fences that surrounded land, and building that oriented to inner courtyard at the middle of house. Afterwards, inter-room plot, arranged become several phase which show every rooms characteristic.
house design inspiration
The next phase is main building process and wing added at south part which has function as office. But, asymmetric tropical building with focal point consists of mezzanine construction and wood plafond also wide veranda at every side of building defended. Garden inside it planted with shaded and clump trees. When enter the house, we will find wide room consists of foyer area, sitting room, and stairs. Foyer area has different plafond highness than sitting room and stairs. so it can be use as mezzanine for two bedroom at up floor. Characteristic of this room is consist of mezzanine construction and exposed teak wood plafond, floor layered with old terracotta tiles, grill doors lines, and Asian arts collection.
house design inspiration
Walk to back area, we will find room area in modern minimalist style with wide aperture faced garden and gazebo under joglo roof and side yard. Room that consist of white floor, wall, and plafond is meant to give juncture also surprise after tired t give attention in detail and heavy decoration at previous rooms. Beside built up furnitures consist of sofa and pairs of 50' chairs, this room also completed with sound of water flowing in a small stream on decorative pool and Buddha head which spread calmness aura. At the next room, appear big formal dining room and have aperture at every side. This room surrounded with pool, footpath, and tropical garden. This room succeeds to become center attention, and climax from all of activities plot.
house design inspiration
This formal dining room designed in Javanese Indisch Style, with pilaster lines at wall, seven meters plafond, three meters of high of doors, marble stones tiles, and Italian Baroque furniture�s style. A couple of Burma�s lamp, big mirror and console table from Europe and candles series at 2,7 meters of highness (torchere), give elegant and magic impression.
Garden Concept
The garden concept of this home more focused as balance of open area which gives shadeness as main character. Shadeness aspect more shows up then visual aspect, so the style is more �wild�.
Several innercourt formed between building which have function as �pouch� to launch fresh air inside. High trees with hang plants and bush become view background which seem from every room inside which always have aperture to outside. Between green compositions, there are water elements with various designs.
house design inspiration
Pedestrian track connected separated buildings. A gazebo in Javanese style use as semi outdoor sitting room. Fish pool surrounded it, with ginger plants and pandan plants.

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