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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mirror in Apartment Interior for Room Wider

In apartment, without open area, room feel so press and narrow. Because of that, apartment interior have to design so it seem wider and of course, more comfortable.
The method that usually done by interior design to make room wider is use mirror. Illusion on mirror can make room bigger (twice). View limitation that collided the wall, seem will wider into mirror.

apartment interior design make wider space

Extreme application of mirror can be see in this post image. At this apartment, mirror fully applied at bedroom wall border, and also wall between child bedroom and main bedroom.
Indeed, applied giant mirror really effective. But the problem is measurement limitation of mirror. Indeed, you can order giant mirror measure, but it will very expensive. The other problem is, how will you enter it in your apartment?
So, it wills simpler if you use 130�80 cm mirror panel, and unify it with aluminum holder. Because wall fully with mirror, don�t forget the electricity switch and plug. Before applied on wall, create hole at mirror for your electricity plug and switch.
Beside make room more wider, mirror application on wall can reduce your wallpaper or paint cost. Because paint and or wallpaper is useless when wrapped by mirror. Beside of that, mirror easily to clean.

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