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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Minimalist Interior Apartment Design with Cream and Black

Steve Leung, interior design created his modern minimalist style at apartement in Hong Kong. His design really unique with combination of natural contemporary style and natural materials. This interior apartement shown designer sensitiveness in using modern concept in natural packaging. Natural impression created homey, comfortable, and intimate atmosphere. And also appear elegant image which shown on wooden wood accent, black and white color for room accessories.

warmness living room design interior ideas
Duplex apartement on Hollywood Street, near Lan Kwai Fong and Central office district. Wide impression feeled when enter foyer area that designed with mirror plafond. The wood materials combined with travertine stones, which make natural light effect.Rooom accessories in black nuance gave dramatic contrast effect.

nice relaxing room design for apartment

Glass door with steel is main access to dinign room and kitchen, become inter-room harmonic combination. On dining table, there are glass rack surrounded by black iron-ball curtain, so became unique point of view. Beside of that, mirror on the wall bounce back natural light entire the room.

apartment stairs area design ideas
Spacious impression seem at every corner of working room. There are fold glass door, working table with its accessories, and part of wall layered with exotic snake leather. Indirect lighting behind plafond panels added dramatic atmosphere.

apartment dining room design interior ideas inspiration

working room interior design ideas
Two bedrooms appear contrast design each other. First is main bedroom, wall in this room layered with chocolate leather, combined with dull grey carpet, make this room feel elegant and very contemporary. Indrirect lighting which lift up dark wooden furniture succeed to balance the nuance in this bedroom. Second bedroom is for children, this room designed with cheerful character, terracotta color on carpet and green and blue motif of wall.

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