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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Inter-room Visual Continuity Home Architectural Design

This home designed based on this thinking; modern but not minimalist, with simple room layout, open, and unity with garden/landscape and swimming pool on the yard, and also get much fresh air and natural light.

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So architect process divides home in to three zones. First is main buildingas owner residence, second is additional building for all purpose rom and guest room. Between those buildings, created garden, relaxing place, reflecting room, and swimming room as connecting and oriented center. Main building consist of two floor plus semi basement, formed as tropical building which dominated with covered passageway and canopy, wide aperture and high plafond every floor.
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Structural element exposed and combined with natural materials. Every element designed in clean look square geometrical form. Home fa�ade designed so it seem consist of three block room with dynamic backward advance wall. One wall at the middle that pushed inside becomes main entrance.

family room open design
Inside, architect applied open plan concept. Every partition wall at gathering room gave slit opening. Gathering room like guest room, stairs, dining room, pantry, and family room ordered length to back at first floor. At one side of the house, only partitioned with shifted and fold windows and glass doors series. So it has wide view to garden ad relaxing place. Finally, inter-room continuity ordes succeed.

family room design inspiration
Semi basement floor arranged for services and garage, second floor for three bedrooms, studying room, and bathroom. For the interior, architect choose of white color for all of wall and plafond, so it seeing simple. Clean look built in cabinet and kitchen set, dominated off white colors. Oak wood motif veneer in brown colors. Loose furniture and accessories chosen in efficient style, so the room still spacious.
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