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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Indisch Architecture Idea in Modern Design

This home designed oriented with Indisch Architecture which repacks in modern form. The building dominated with solid wall, wide windows in west side and shaded with GRC panels series to reduce the heat of sunlight.
colonial house design
All outside wall painted with chocolate cream colors. Fences covered wth natural stones. Characteristic of Indisch Architecture seems at wall finishing; consist of horizontal lines, and square windows framed in stick out of the wall.
As eye catcher elements, at the corner of building which faces intersections street, designed as tube with transparent glass windows also main door. This enter area shaded with simple portico, can reach through stairs and garden. When enter in foyer area, seems room in tube form with high void and circle skylight at plafond, also open veranda through middle of building. For room inside, architect designed high plafond at each floor, and wide aperture, and also transparent partition.
colonial house design
Home layout is designed transparent, especially in stairs area, family room, dining room, and backyard garden. As separator between pantry and dining room, use fricative glass door. Hereinafter, children bedroom and studying room. Design like this can optimize fresh air circulation and optimize natural light also give spacious impression.
Home interior design applied classic decorative element as indisch characteristic, like seeing at plafond profile which designed in progressive modern and simple pack.
colonial house design
Colors blend not dominated by brown colors gradation like classic style principle, but blend with bright colors, so the room is fresh, light, and elegant. For example, receiving area dominated with red color on the floor layered with red travertine marble, while armchair and coffee table made form mahogany wood with leather skin.
colonial house design
Furniture and accessories applied modern classic American style, curve form but modified so became more simple and proporsional. It seeing at leg chairs detail and deep buttoned ornament at sofa and also cap lamp. Soft furnishing usage like chair cover, sofa cover, curtain and window vitrage have important role to create comfortable atmosphere.
colonial house design
Dining room dominated with peach and reed terracotta, decorated with painting wallpaper in floral and bird pattern. Those decorative elements show up with interesting lighting from chandelier and pendant lamp, also indirect light from room sky. Pantry arranged with mahogany kitchen set, and roso levanto marble. Different nuance seeing in main bedroom which dominated with green and cream colors, and also lines motif, like seeing at bedcover, sofa cover, and the curtain. Main bathroom has unique desain with fransisco classico marble and red wallpaper also mirror in classical carved style.

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