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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hybrid Concept in Architecture Home Design

Hybrid means unification of two or more elements (which each of it is opposite) elements without disappear each element identity. This is beginning concept of SOHO (Small Office Home Office) building plan.
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Residential and working place have different activities and appearing characteristic. Because of that, unified residential function and office function in one building of course need good planning so it fulfill comfortableness of dweller, employee activities fluency, and express company image. One of new breakthrough in interior design is hybrid concept which realized by Yakob Sutanto, from Atelier T(w)o, an architecture firm. Building built on 200 m2 of land, and it is Yakob home and also his office.
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According to Yakob, hybrid concept understandings produce dynamic choreography of architecture elements. This concept match to accommodate two function of building and usage of two materials which opposite each other like home function versus office function or natural materials usage versus factory materials. Hybrid concept formed in this building seems at architecture design and interior design which the construction worked by himself.
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Geometric box shaped which stiff solid corresponds with flexible curve form and so do aluminum composite panels surface which gleams and smooth solid corresponds with exposed concrete wall in rough and dove texture. Building face dominated with wide glass windows in order to give wide impression and also use wide view. At next steps, access, circulation, and layout of this home office strived to bothers activities each other. Car parking, main doors, and office activities arranged at front basement floor while services, dining, and kitchen at side sides and back sides.
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Guest that will come, accept in main doors, and accompany to the receptionist, working room for 6 assistant go in the direction of main architect rooms, and meeting room. Each of room partitioned, but activities flows arranged in order to feel spacious. Especially for top floor, designed as family room, two child bedrooms, and also main bedroom with bathroom inside. For the interior design, Yakob implemented hybrid concept, for example a combination of exposes concrete materials for working room with common materials such as wooden panels.
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The architect also make serious effort to maximize natural light, and also huddles up outer view to room inside with design wide aperture and combined with fish pool, and also bamboo trees like seem in meeting room and main bedroom. Beside of that, glass and mirrors applied well at partition area, and also wall layer, so give wide spacious impression. Design like that also give thin and comfortable impression, so support employee mood. Wall and stairs fence covered with wooden grille give dark finishing affirming vertical impression and filtering view to private area and top floor.
Beside of that, the architect applied flux concept (continuous change concept) as his design characteristic. According to him, flux concept is temporary order which continuous moving and changing. In interior design concept, flux applied through room elements, such as built in rack, backdrop panels, and tables. For example, rack seems to be still hot which record dynamic moving channel, so not only static furniture, but seems move and unified with wall and other elements. Another example is curve plafond, seems move wrapping te bed and television table, appearing capsule in all entire bedroom.
This home design more impressed because supported with match lighting, consist of halogen spot light which hidden at dropped down ceiling beside common lighting consist of downlight lamp.

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