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Saturday, May 7, 2011

House Design in Transparent Contemporary Style

This house is so modern with transparent style, and contemporary design. The inspiration home design came from owner who wants length visual viewing.

contemporary style home design house ideas

This house creation have big plane with spacious characteristic. Roof made from concrete plat, and concrete wall as prop. Parts of floor plane become place to hang roof inside.

best transparent house design ideas interior

Aperture served at every corner of house. In order to make wide length view, architect made semi-transparent wall framed inner courtyard, while surrounding rooms wall made transparent. As example is main bedroom; wide glass wall made, so the view reach family room, inner courtyard, and dining room.

wide aperture home contemporary modern style ideas

Without doubt, architect creates up down plafond, up down floor, also different room volume. As arranger, there are stairs that made based on Feng Shui principle.

contemporary interior tropical design ideas

tropical home design modern contemporary ideas

Floor surface higthtened for guest room. After that, hightened again for family room, guess room, clean kitchen, dinging room, and kitchen. After that, again, hightened in order to reach stairs with wide borders to reach main bedroom, open veranda, and children bedrooms. From guest room floor circulation open to service and garage.

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