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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home Design-Spatial Order Architectural

Have child or nice memory at the past about your used home? Try to get design inspiration from this home. Spatial order used as design point. Spatial order principle is related with satisfy of nostalgia memory of owner about his old house. This style in fast thinking means make replica.
architecture design
Previously, owner had home used as house and business. The period they stayed there sticks tightly in owner memory, both spaces order and visual details. When its time to build new home at new site, that memory catched by Baskoro, the architect. According to the architect, owner have spatial order or habit, also memory that related to space order. For example, in old building, they accustomed to order front part as business space, back building as staying place, and between that, there is innercourt.
architecture design
Planning A Spatial Order
The architect gave surprised to owner, all of memory appearance in entire parts of home. First, he plan closed rooms and not seeing from street with makes front part lower, so it feel slope and almost covered the fasada. After that, big room planned in front as useful place. Main door which located in useful place, also have function as garage. The measurement is two lines of car. When the door opened, interior visualization wide unfolding, but have been protected and disguised by roof shape. That�s was new home analogy to old home.
architecture design
Beside layered room order, spatial order also shown at ornament details in art deco style. That style is a characteristic of home that built an 40's, and right now shown up through wall bump, cubicle also blinds at doors and windows. Viewing that accent, owner was so enthusiast, and not feel strange at his new house, because they felt that they found their previous world.
architecture design
architecture design
architecture design
architecture design
Extention Version
Previous world is used again. Past dwelling characteristic applied again. Present day is represented by marker objects, for example a tun contained water placed in innercourt to mark well that is formerly was and haves the character of space energy generating. Between rooms controlled with air aperture so that not humid while temporary of all layer wall is opened so that air is not precipitate. Fresh air and sunlight infiltrates room so that new house is stripper house version extended and better from condition of house before all.
Complexity in space in that processed with scale, color, light and shadow becomes surprise in simple packaging. This really building brings calmness and peacefulness for the dweller, either physical and also spirit.

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