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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home Design Modern Art Deco Spirit Architecture

church architecture
This home planning concept is tropical contemporary with Europe home style which adopted in tropical region. So the art deco feels strong. Nature material dominate, wide continuous aperture between room and area surround it become design power.

church architecture
Beginning condition of this home really unique, the front part wider with long rear shape and turn on at the middle. First thing that architect done is placed two building, main building and studio building. Both that buildings separated with inside wide yard with swimming pool which have function as reflecting pool for the studio. The architect choose bungalow typical in tropical colonial style as reference from main building which signed with saddle roof in 60� angle (the inclination enough steep). With not square land and have 30 meters length rear, will make the building boosts and not proportional. To anticipate it, the architect break the roof become several saddle roof in front and back of home. As an accent, studio building designed wit de Stijl composition as contemporary style.
church architecture
As a transition between two saddle roofs at the back, one roof style made. Roof with one incline sector with void and dining rooms under it. Incline saddle roof create high garret room, mainly at bed rooms in upstairs. Architect intent to expose this thing with design plafond that follows saddle incline. Every sopi-sopi wall decorated with windows and there are decorative elements form solder glasses so that bed rooms seem unique.
church architecture
Dominate roofs processing and wide aperture refers to tropical building concept and environment friendly in order to adopt tropical climate. This effort also make home is power energy friendly.
Wide back terrace and surround the inner courtyard shaded with balcony, also covered passageway in the simple flat plane. Cute veranda signed main door, outer wall of base floor colored with dark color. As an accent, certain wall area made higher and layered with natural stone.
church architecture
Architect chooses natural materials and exposes original color and textures of those materials. So it affirms natural nuance and also hug home landscape to inside the home. For example, carport floor layered with temple stones and black slate stones, while foyer decorated with Indian slate stones and burned andesite stones. All of home floor layered with various colors of ceramic floors and coarse texture, so it seems like natural stones, and have exotic pale colors. One wall in every room is accent wall with unique materials. For example, foyer wall layered with palimanan stones which betel vine ordered, while television background panels made from ordered wooden sliced.
The uniqueness is Natiti Sysms marble in yellow colors for top table layer at the kitchen which unified with backwall of stove which consist of ordered glass sliced. All windows cushion and doors made from teak wood, while loose furniture from intact wood and have simple shape, such as table and �stall chairs� from trambesi wood at back terrace. Afterward, home layout designed open with windows and large glass doors, and also oriented to inner courtyard and to outer yard. Spacious and comfortable atmosphere dominate family room, dining, and kitchen which designed unified without wall, while back terraces area, backyard, open veranda, and swimming pool made in fresh outdoors atmosphere.
At all, this dweller design able to reflect owner personality which warm and open to family and relatives. This home layout also more special because of lot shape which tight to the back. To make it better, architect make open veranda and stairs area which wide at the middle of building. This open veranda connect guest room in front with others in the back and complete with garden and pond at the corner. Stairs area to second floor designed with two floor void and become personal gallery, place to display painting collections. In order to arrange interior, owner and architect refers to colonial (art deco) furniture style, but adopt with modern style which concern to comfortability, easy to care, simple shape, dominate with clean lines, and geometrical square.
These matters can be viewed that there is big sofa, soft, leather and fabric at guest room and family room. For storage, architect design several built in cabinet which layered with wooden motive laminat like seen in child bedrooms and main bed room. Architect and the owner also arrange landscape with tropical plants, like frangipani trees and bali palm, compact with flowers.
Landscape concept designed to adopt rooms function surround it. At all, there are three groups of open area which arrange as garden, that is front garden, middle garden, and inside garden. Front garden functioned as buffer. Home that placed in border of big street, camouflage with high and tight plants trees, so it can hold dust and sound pollution. Middle garden placed between open veranda which connected in guest room and family room. Middle garden designed as open area for fluent air circulation, and light, so that tight length family room become healthier. This garden simple arranged, consist of dry garden and spray pond as eye catcher.
Backyard direct as interaction area of family members, consist of open garden and swimming pool which connected main building with studio building. Garden composition tends to simple with pink frangipani, with exotic branch and right and left side. This tree existence as rooms and building balance which tend to tight and high with saddle roof which high and pointed. Afterward, filter plants composition positioned at border so it feel spacious and there is area to make activities. Lot wall which incline camouflage with plants and outdoor ornament for light lamp from yogya stones to support romantic atmosphere.

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