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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home Design Inspiration with Wide Aperture Decorating

Contemporer design concept not only appearance natural materials, simple building form, and open ventilation, but also pay attention about balance and building system that show ordered and continuous inter-area.

wide aperture house design ideas
Take a look at this house, architects designed wide aperture with fixed windows and fold-shift door. Every room has outside orientation and has trantition area, consist of balcony and terrace. These aperture designs insert outside area to the house, and maximize view to surrounding.

dining room design ideas

Room layout ordered symmetric, with pivot that becomes axis, while other rooms arranged in hierarchial and repetition modul. First floor arranged for foyer, guest room, dining room, pantry, stairs area, guest bedroom, and entertainment room, while second floor for main bedroom, TV room, balcony for breakfast, children bedrooms, and studio.

backyard patio room design ideas
Room hierarchy and view focus became attention, for example transition area from outside to inside, floor highness differentiation, material and finishing that used. This seeing at terrace, foyer, and inside area, when enter the building guest driven to backyard where reflecting pool exist, side by side with terrace and backyard.

lobby stairs home design ideas

The concept affirmed with furniture and accessories that dominated with clean lines composition and squares. The finishing, expose character of materials and combined with contras materials, like rattan sofa with cloth as sofa cover.

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