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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home Design-Innovative with Efficient Design of Architecture

For architect, design is creative problem solving, structured, and under controlled. Precise steps will determine the results which more efficient with orderly structure. Efficient not always means minimalism or simple, but really arranged so can produce modern expression and natural. That�s main idea of Yu Sing when design this resident.
church architecture
The owner wants that his home is simple but also modern. With land 345 m2 of width, with higher contour with surrounding land, so main floor created parallel with second floor of the other house, about 2 meters higher than street surface. This steps, made fa�ade seems big, and luxurious, while wall harmonized, so the house is more elegant.
church architecture
The architect divided that site in to two parts, garden on the left, and house at right, length into abaft. For accommodate family needed, the architect divided the garden land, and made guest room and first floor, and child bedroom at second room. Room�s organization explicit, services area in basement, semi private area at first floor, and private area in second floor. Beside of that, in west side of this home, it get sunset.
church architecture
Family area at first floor, united with dining room, and pantry which designed in one void, so it feel wider. Second floor consist of main bedroom at back, and children rooms at front. Those bedrooms separated with void and connected with efficient open veranda. A piano room in second floor is multifunction room.
church architecture
church architecture
Abaft garden formed in L letter. At here, wooden floor on patio deck and fish pond. Fish pond became main focus, the architect created water fall like rain curtain, so water and nature elements assured tropic home concept and also made tender of garden nuance.
Semi private floor which given garden viewings feel lighter because shift door with wide glass, which also have function as natural ventilation. At certain angles, the architect applies certain colors in wall, like brown in guest room and pink in wall which facing to park so the nuance felt more �life.� So, efficient but modern in style and innovative, created in this home architectural.

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