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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home Design Detail Aesthetics of a Home Architecture

Every home has functional values based on need and activities of owner. Those function, start from private function which inclined comfortable priority, until services function which have circulation and working system priority. All of those are unified compact design.
house design
At this home which built on 500 m2, every function and need formed and placed through mass processing and rooms that expressive created, and also concern on aesthetics every details of building. The architect design this home with effort that every room and area in home not only functional media, but as artwork which loaded with high creativity.
house design
Mass Concept
Complex detail design begun with building fa�ade which dynamic appearing, that is fragments area and mass which modern compositioned.Foyer area distinct with wooden canopy and become focal point, backgrounded with high wall and dominated fa�ade that no too wide.
house design
Proportion games and high-low composition and massive-void mass through dimention, materials, and texture at that fa�ade, not only building skin, but also functional zoning shaping inside it. This matter become beginning concept of home design, that is separatation of main building function of dwelling area and services area function. Beside of that, special processing at all details and gap of building also parts of that design concept to be prominent aspect.
house design
This building shape is �U�, with garden in middle of iy, This shape was come from dynamic sketch design, mainly, with extreme curve shape faced to garden area. Curve shape consist of glasses wall lines, not only shape as curve plot and interesting plastis room, but also framed view to a garden, and become building banded and also beautiful and effective lancscaping.
Details and Room Processing
This home consist of two floors. First floor is day to day activities place which inclined as public space, consist of guest room, and also family room, dining room, faced with clean kitchen. All of those is in unified appearing with out partition, and with a lot of aperture, that is wall and glass doors faces garden, created open atmosphere and right of light, and near green outer.Circle coloumn structures in lines and curve glass wall make lines perfection and all at once become aesthetics room design concept.
Services rooms placed at same one zone, which is in left of building. Besides common doors, service building and main building connected with mini wooden bridge. This design with stones coloumn lines and stones as floor, make gap that created have unique and interesting appearing.
house design
Seconf floor have a function to be activities room that more private, those are bedroom and semi open working room which connected with open veranda, and modern designed and dominated with wooden fiber. beside wall glass, natural light at second floor also get from skylight lines at wall and room, so besides get good lightning, also get beautiful shadow effect in the afternoon. This thing also applied at stairs area which have extreme room highness, consist of continuous long skylight lines from wall until the sky, so make a unique sliced impression.
Building in the back part use spilt level system. There is home theater, and at the top there is library room which has separate access from others room, that is outdoor stairs from garden. The garden has main function as cross ventilation, while all of rooms oriented to the garden, A garden lamp use as garden focal point as lightning process. Frangipani trees have functioned as shaded vegetation and also add beautyfullness of the garden.
Every aspect of this home is special designed and details designed, so besides functional as dwelling area, also produce elegant and aesthetics appearing

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