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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home Design-Basic Architecture Implementation

church architecture
At its ore, movement of architecture concept method has tendency to return to basis. When experimental modus have been frequently is acted architect, it is not impossible if the approach will return to basis and more simple.
church architecture
At the farthest creative process of the architect of her/his creation, surely there is a break point which makes architects more appreciate with basic values. Because, experiment process need trial and error process, check, and balance, from materials, technologies around architecture, also space and building philosophy. If not, experiment just a story, because the functional value can be lost.
church architecture
At residential project created by Evan Davin Lee, we�ll see the caring to history of social and condition of geographical original of land. Land placed between sea, and canal, made Evan have inspiration to make rigid, and adaptive architecture concept. Adaptive to wind, hot temperature, and air humidity. As fortress concerning to room inside, skin building part thicked, layers, and maximize hollow space. Transparent elements and draws postponing of wall thickness are in order to adapt land geographic.
church architecture
Transparent and opened parts, conditioned for cross ventilation which useful to follow sea wind. Sea wind move from front building which faces the sea, through backyard that faces the canal. At certain times, sea wing flow fast, so it need strong wall between opened and transparent wall. To created strong and compact wall, the architect created various fa�ade walls that implied rooms dividing. Before planed rooms arrangement, building is boosted up two meter to get fundamental floor. Zero point of floor functioned as garage and service rooms. From main door through garage and continue to back parts of building which faces canal.
church architecture
At abaft parts of building, owner wants to make it as opened area and deck, for relaxed wide sitting area. This Deck has height around 90cm � 1m above canal water level. This deck also uses to anchor private boat/yatch. As place of relaxing, friendly design applied. The architect didn�t forget to complete it with waterfall flowing at constrictor wall. When night arrives, this waterfall wall seems to respecting enlightened by obscure light from indirect illumination at top wall and spotlight planted in underside.
church architecture
Building frontage is dominated with transparent area. The function to maximize view frame of sea as room vista in. This area equipped with point of main lamps and lighting system capable to give �soul� at overall of building.

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