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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Go To Contemporary Architecture Home Design

house design inspiration
Architecture can be mean indifferent point of view. It depends on design approach which done by architect in designed of a building. But various aspect of architecture context has to refer to beautifulness aspect.
Beautifulness aspects in architecture context usually strive in same way with space function. As an example, here renovation project.
house design inspiration
This caf� and rrestaurant building built at �90 at top of hill. Building shape partly defend old building that has art deco style. Now, art deco building functioned as services area, become complement building side it.
New building was redesign so spaces path became attractive and dynamic. The space order use site highness (hill). Because of that building scale that made hollow inside became floor shaped circle with axis part like spiral.
house design inspiration
This building consist of three floor. Several mezanin and split floor use as lounge area and live music area. While wide traffic lane use as dance area. Vertical circulation, that is circle stairs, give dramatic lighting. So stairs area can be use as fashion show. Wall and the decoration remembering us at Piet Mondiran characteristic design that abstract and full of square form.
house design inspiration
This caf� design plan strives to produce architecture that functioned as entertainment which forward hilarious image, motivated, and dynamic. In that matters, the architect (Baskoro) succeed to appear cheerful atmosphere through colors play, form, lightning, and d�cor aspect. In other words, this project is contemporary architecture that responsive to area climate with using universal source, because this project is like restoration project.
house design inspiration

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