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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flying Floor Design Inspiration- A Tropical Modern Minimalist Home Design

house design inspiration
This home design concept is tropic concept, pack in minimalist architecture. That Design approach concept seem on front home that give cold impression, that is squares design with slits windows which more functional then aesthetics. The materials usage appropriate with minimalist design concept that is use andesite stones ant middle front wall, unified with gray wall covered almost of the home. That wall design is designed to reduce hot weather from sunlight. At front home, there is a sector which sticks out with horizontal wooden grill. That sticks out area is a design solution which appearing a balcony at one of bedroom.
house design inspiration
This home design refers to smart strategy in room ordered. This home consists of three and half with spilt level game which designed so create a harmonious condition between rooms. It means that room ordered create various connected room composition and become sweet design unity. One thing that becomes unique parts of this home design is a swimming pool which positioned under home structure. So as visual view, home structure is like flying on water surface of swimming pool. Great design inspiration huh? Wait, read more, there is another surprising design concept of this house.
house design inspiration
Flying floors is connecting room floor. That connecting room destined as family room with TV facilities, and comfortable and neat big sofa. Another unique and great design idea is the flying floor use transparent glass floor with concrete structure, so we can see the swimming surface. Great design ideas, isn�t it? At another sides, this family rooms complement with fold doors which can be shift so we can see another three sides, swimming pool area, corridor, and back corridor.
house design inspiration
Basically, this home is �U� form. Appearing inner-courtyard at the middle as focus point of main area, swimming pool and outer terrace. Various windows aperture and various wall structure do not only give unique visual view, but also maximize air circulation and sunlight. Surprising elements applied at various room. Circulation rhythms invite us to explore every corner of rooms. For example. wall panels at bedrooms seem hide the bathroom.
house design inspiration
Front part of home building consists of publid area, except up floor that destined as bedrooms in row. Middle part of building functioned as vertical circulation with family room and swimming pool. At back building parts, bedrooms and main bedroom placed at uo floor. Another floor in top, designed as relaxation place with pantry which integrate outdoor barbeque, roof garden, a bedroom, and gym/aerobic area.

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