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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Elegant Structural Architecture Form Home Design Idea

Basic point of building design is precise details and structural processing. From those elements processing, it will show up excellence technology and the adventure of architectural concepts.
This hotel building has great architecture design. Black and white is building main colors, chosen by architect to test light reflection quality of wall materials. That effort is to approach material weakness to absorb light with lighting places and lamp types chosen.

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Architect use wide site and setback building so it reaches good view distance to maximize expressive building fa�ade. Beside of that, there is pedestrian used by diffable as relationship between building and neighborhood.
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Rhythm calculation of this part have huge portion. At several nodes of building, structure system seeing waft out through narrow spaces, create new dimension so make over the building became elegant.
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That is not design climax, but unique character exhibition of building which intentional created as differential element. With expressive building fa�ade, form exhibition created interesting deepness, so it feels like buildings unification. That is an effort to reach new building and old building balance function. One part in curve form, others square, and others have dynamic geometrical element and become gimmick of the building.
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At black boxshaped part, it seem become supported of all rhythm and building extension. Another thing is columns placement with classic rhythm, but made flexible and glorious, with flat and circle shape. There are triangle windows arranged with unique repetition order. More interesting is there are backgrounds that make windows more sweet and have character. Materials used like mirror, marble, and stainless steel blend with aluminum with consideration that those building easy for treatment, shining, clean and light.
house design home decor ideas 3D modular
If we look at composition details, it like analog. Analog of yacht, cruiser ship, and locomotive form. Those representation forms, is result of architecture elements essence, from material until detail, and also building scale and room scale.

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