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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eclectic Interior Design Idea in Modern Architecture Home Design

This house has elegant design and eclectic interior design, perfect for your home design inspiration. Architect designed in ladder building so there is transition of building scale. Building created in square geometrical form.

home interior design ideas

Main aspect fo owner is room layout without partition and aperture to maximize air circulation. That matter accommodated by architect with designed plafond almost 4 meters at every floor, and tall windows also covered passageway at every room. Architect placed swimming pool and pool deck in the middle, surrounded by functional rooms, so this open area become center of orientation/eye catcher.

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At the layout, this swimming pool hemmed in open foyer in front and family room, dining room, pantry, and entertainment room at side and back of the first floor. At second floor there are two children bedroom, and main bedroom which also ordered faces to swimming pool. This design succeeds to affirm inside-outside atmosphere. Main bedroom ordered with wardrobe and wide shoe place, salon room, also semi-open bathroom. This house also consist entertainment area which consist sitting room, billiard, children playing room, and also home theater.

modern interior design ideas

modern home interior design

ecletic interior design ideas

Eclectic Interior Design

For the interior, owner and interior designer combine various furniture styles, and various accessories. This interior design concept known as eclectic style. Dominated with natural materials like wood and stones, earth tone colors with floral motif, and exotic geometrical form. Soft furnishing elements like gordyn, carpet, and lighting chosen from material that can give tender and elegant impression.

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