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Saturday, May 7, 2011

East Meet West Home Design Architecture Idea

This home plan concept is east meet west, or eclectic style. This approach combined west design of home architecture and decorative elements from east. Hmm�have inspiration design now?

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Sitting room at front terrace and foyer arranged so give welcoming and warm impression. Family room placed in the middle of house, and dining room at wide backyard terrace. Both of rooms only partitioned with glass windows and doors, so seems united with back garden. At sitting room inside house, there are a couple of red sofa and attractive wood coffee table.

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Wide furniture balanced with painting series at wall, while sitting room and back terrace, there is bed and one set of chairs without arm and also coffee table from skin plait. At dining room, fill with benches and solid wood table, and also parquet floor.

mixing west east house design ideas

west east architectural design

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Different with the other room, main bedroom dominated in red colors, seem at wall paint, curtain, and carpet. Red colors balance with carved wood panel and gold color at bedhead and padded wall layered with red cloth. This bedroom have wide aperture to back garden.

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