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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Detail Beautifulness at Architecture

�God is in the detail,� said German Architect, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe (1886-1969) which concern in on restraint in design issue at New York Herald Tribune, June 28, 1959. That expression really precise to descript this home concept. Its means, anything you do, details is most important thing. No matter how huge the project, it will depends on smallest component.
church architecture
Home architecture of this home express the architect trick to realized design perfection through details of architecture elements in direct and measurable. The architect is Aleander I. Santoso, built the concept on 500 m2 of land.Detail at this house not only finishing concerning, but also process to yields perfection, interconnection, also nuance appearances.
church architecture
If we see from front, this house have wall sector onward backward follows space contour in it. The target is an expressive dwelling passed solidarity various material types. Game of material becomes gimmick of the architect to lift modern contemporary concept at front wall which seen looks like �layer cake�, through solidarity of andesite stone with glaze sandwiched among attraction of lines nat. Effect yielded gives different appearance for a housing remains.
church architecture
If exterior seen expressive, the interior is exactly elegant realizes dwelling concept which homey, simple, chummy and having class. The owner wishing its spacious interior and open and Alex fulfill it with a void in family room. Initially void is formed with column like villa Mediterranean which exclusive. But, the plan is leaved then is changed design which more simple. Result of room felt more breathily blessing of wide column sewer structures and roof floating in centered, flanked skylight at right side and its left. To reduce intense sunlight, grids given at skylight with exact dip so room under it feel more comfort.
church architecture
This family room have direct viewing to others rooms like dining room, and pantry in first floor, also karaoke room, kid play room, and corridor to others bedrooms in second floor. That center room (family room) which �opened� is owner request who wants monitor children if they at home. Nevertheless the apertures in architectural easily light to enter rooms and gives broader space dimensions effect besides broadening visualization between floors.
church architecture
Foyer also is design to become void which is smaller while passage way is dividing it to become two sides� room that is dining and family room. Here a partition of glass divided again view towards bench which according to Hong shui must be placed deals with inlet. Stairs at the opposite of partition of glass and this aluminum wrapped parquet timber and given special touch in the form of step-closing sungkai wood. Detail like this make more beautiful situation in the stairs area. Besides fundamental floor is arranged in layers fairish marble 120 x 120 cm is giving exclusive appearance. The cushion using teak so that compatible with door made from the same material.
Alex says, � Architectural details were the most complicated housing compared to housings which I have ever done before all�. Result of its seen that the design and finishing becomes is luxuriant ness is different from another home.

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