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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Decorative Classical Garden Design Ideas

To agree with building that has classic style, garden should be design in same way. A decorative garden landscape that full of details and colors can be choice like this garden design style.

garden design ideas
Formal and decorative accent really strong appear from front garden. There are plants group compositions and the growth controlled in chopped. For example Syzigium Oleana cut in cone form, kind of casuarina tree cut in circle and wide form. The composition perfected with covered plants which rich of flowers like Arachis Pitoi, Ruelia Mauve, Lantana Camara, and Crossandra. For area balancing, high palm and dates tree planted. To show ordered style, plants compositions borders covered with white pebble/gravel as ground cover.

classical garden architecture design

For backyard garden, it functioned for private garden. That�s way all building surface that faces the garden made transparent. Land surfaces in this area made countered so there is gradation that give dynamical way.

classical garden design ideas
At the highest surface, pool created in natural concept. Like river lines that curved and flows go down to terrace. Plants composition focused at area surround the pool and bordered backside wall that created high. Between rocks that become pool structure emerge plants that intentional growth in natural way so it seem origin nature view. At back side wall, plants compositions have function to reduce wall massiveness. What a details landscape design.

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