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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Club House Design Inspiration in Friendly Architecture

This club house design concept refers to art deco architecture, and repacks in contemporary design.
architecture design ideas
As beginning phase, to optimize land conditions, architect placed three building units, one unit in front as main building, and supported building at the back. Front side of main building faces to decorative pond and water fountain, and the back side faces fishpond and tennis field. Area between main building and supported buildings processed as inner courtyard with swimming pool and wide terrace. Architect choose bungalow in tropical colonial style as referrer which signed with shield roof with 60� incline. This roof usage created un-proportional building, so architect �break� roof become several roofs.
architecture design ideas
Steep roof created high attic so architect process it become void with mezzanine surrounded it, and use it as gallery. Another colonial art deco style is wide aperture to optimize fresh air circulation and natural light inside. Transition and connecting area like patio, balcony, and corridor also dominated. Main enter door area complement with portico for drop off, while several corridor sustained by column series and shaded with wooden pergola.
architecture design ideas
Architect chooses natural materials and exposed color and textures of those materials. For examples, foot building wall layered with stone plinth, also applied at column corridors series. Carport floor layered with river stones. All house floors covered with marble tiles.
architecture design ideas
How about the interior design? it created in comfortable and elegant impression. Architect use many wood as layer, like on wall, floor, plafond, and frame in public area, until working room, so express warmness. Kind of woods that use is various, for example, timber tree as frame and wrapping column of main building. Beside of that, there is red wood for wall layer, ebony for stairs and home theater room, and also ulin wood for pergola. Plafond that designed follow roof slope, layered with white wood. Simple sofa and chairs with arms chosen for placed at sitting area in gallery, meeting room, and home theater room.
architecture design ideas
Architect places Neo Classics European furniture like deep buttoned chesterfield sofa and leather armchairs in office area in order to create high class image. Between chocolate and cream colors domination, in office room there is green colors which freshener the room. Main bedroom and main bathroom arranged in same ambience.
The garden theme is forest. Existing plants and new plants combined. In order to get interesting view, exotic plants planted at several corner which assumed become center of various activities. For example, a group of palm collection and unique hard trees fulfill corner around main gate. Those trees such as variegate and golden type of sente (taro), philodendron, and monstrea.
architecture design ideas
Jogging track made surrounding tennis field. It can use as warming up before play tennis. In order to get exited view, in every break part, there are siiting area from natural stones, fruits trees, and also unique pedestal and also beautiful art objects.
architecture design ideas

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