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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cabin House Plans in the Woods

This tiny house plans, simple cabin in the woods, exists in the two asphalt-shingled, tightly functional wings. This space, which also houses the living and dining areas, is designed around this piece. Here, the sun drawing projects reflected images, which change with the movement of the sun and clouds, onto a wall-an ephemeral response to place, time and architecture.
cabin house plans woods forest tiny home
house plans design in woods for cabin home
The glass wall is to the north, and the second-story bridge that connects the two wings runs in front of it. This allows the south wall to receive the projected image on a billboard-like surface, which itself allows south light in only at the floor and ceiling.
home plans house design woods architecture ideas
cabin interior design ideas lighting sun natural
This house designed by McInturff Architects in the spirit of the Kiley house, and the proper setting for a commissioned artwork, a sun drawing by artist Janet Saad Cook.

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