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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bamboo House Design Inspiration

house design inspiration
Wanna make unique home? Look at the house perspective; it�s so nice, isn�t it? Try bamboo as main materials. Bamboo as natural materials has pores and tubes with hole inside, so bamboo has ability reduce heat. When home get hot because heat temperature, bamboo release cold air that saved since night, when it cold, bamboo release heat air that keep since noon. So in the noon, the airs inside bamboo house feel cool, and at the night, it feels warm.
house design inspiration
About 90% of this house made from bamboo, from the structures, wall, plafond, until the furniture. Only floor and bathroom wall do not use bamboo, while couch for relax in terrace use wood.
house design inspiration
House wall use four layer plaited mats, so dust and others do not come in. For the structure bend, usage palm fiber. But for another bend for bamboo that do not use as structure, use rattan as bending, because it seems prettier.
house design inspiration

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