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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Arab World Institute Architecture Building

This is Arab World Institute building. Inspiring architecture, isn�t it? This building has function as museum, library, and also culture centre. Jean Nouvel designed the whole of the museum, including the showcases, seating, and display furniture.

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This institute building constructed from 1981 to 1987 with a floor space of 181,850 square feet. The institute its self was established during 1980 in Paris, when 18 Arab countries concluded an agreement with France to establish the Institute to disseminate information about the Arab world and set in motion detailed research to cover Arabic and the Arab world�s cultural and spiritual values. The Arab world and its civilization and values, its past and its future, needs to be better known and understood in the West.
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Although for Arab center, this building is not design in Arab Architecture, it is modern architecture. Certain symbolic items, like the �moucharabiehs� whose polygons of varying shapes and sizes create a geometric effect recalling the Alhambra.

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