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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Apartment Interior Design in Modern Natural and Elegant Style

This apartment interior really has natural nuance in modern architecture design. Not only have that, this interior design also succeeded to disguise limited room with inspiration ornamental details.
This flat design started form designer concept (genius loci firm) to create natural atmosphere in modern way, appropriate with young executive life style that want a practical and comfortable home. The constraint is its only 80 m2 with single bedroom and inner bathroom, working room and living room.
apartment interior desidn architectural ideas
As first step, designer design open plan layout so it create spacious and light in apartment. The method is wrecked partition wall and working room door, and replaced it with clear glass door, so working room, living room, dining area, and pantry seem united. The unique item is wall and door in entering room area also replaced with clear glass wall which joined with pantry windows. These clear glasses wall d�cor with huge sticker in tree�s branches form, showing designer exploration and creativity which can be inspiring way in glasses material usage.

Next step, dominant off white color applied on almost of wall, floor, and plafond surface. But surface texture, material sort, and finishing differentiated, so the impression is not monotone. For example, dining area and pantry floor covered with big size ceramic while working room and living room floor covered with soft texture edge to edge carpet. Working and living room plafond made in dropped down ceiling with indirect lighting. Every windows equipped with horizontal blind so can optimize natural light, fresh air circulation, and there is view continuity inter-space in this apartment.
flat house design architecture inspiration
There is reflective effect usages, several wall surfaces in every room layered with frameless mirror. Mirror and glass domination balanced with another material application. Material that used, different in each room. For example, designer layered one wall pantry surface with oak wood lath decoration at vertical layout so warmness atmosphere come out. There is big size flower motif wallpaper in bedroom, while the floor covered with young brown parquet and old grey carpet. The bathroom designed use chocolate mirror mosaic.
Continue reading part 2, talking about furniture style of this interior design.

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